Friday, December 19, 2008

Obama promises new initiative to help middle class

WASHINGTON DC (Dec. 19-08) Keeping with his campaign promise not to raise taxes on the middle class President elect Obama has proposed a new initiative. "It's not, uhhhh, officially a tax rate raise, hike, surcharge or -- uhhhh -- anything like that. It's simply a new tax all... together." The FDR stylist Democrat announced today. The groundbreaking T.o.T. program has been dubbed a crowning achievement by many non-biased newscasters and pundits, who don't know the details yet and are not going to bother to find out.
CNN correspondent Joey Goebbels explains taking the opportunity to unveil the new high tech hologram pie chart, "This large amount here is how much the federal government actually takes out of your paycheck. It is a combination of payroll taxes plus SSI, medicare medicare, FICA which aren't taxes but... oh who am I kidding, it all goes to the same place they're taxes!. Skipping the State, City, and county payroll taxes we move next to the sales tax or the amount that the government charges you to spend the money it has taxed you on to buy goods whose prices are inflated, between 38-48 after the Fed, State, and local government taxes have taxed the producers who simply pass the tax onto y... why yes, it is complicated. Allow me to explain it in simple terms even my viewers can understand. THE REPUBLICANS WILL VOTE AGAINST IT BECAUSE THEY'RE RACISTS!"
An eventual response was issued from the office of Senator Steven Spineless "W-w-we're not racists... we propose an e-e-even larger tax on taxes to further help the children and so that e-e-every American can show how patriotic they are to pay higher ta..."
"What kind of moron would say something like that?" Joe Biden's office replied, "The Republicans are against Barack Obama's Tax on taxes because they want to shelter their rich, fat cat, Arab, donors! The American sheepl... excuse me, the American people stood up for "change" against that kind of outrageous leadership in the 08 elections and that's exactly what we're going to leave them with!"

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The last time Congress saw the Constitution, it was in their rearview mirror.
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