Saturday, December 27, 2008

Israel breaks cease-fire

GAZA STRIP, Palestine (Dec. 27-08) The Arab League has condemned the recent Israeli attacks into Radical Islamic Hamas controlled Gaza Strip Saturday. Many leaders have condemned the military response to ongoing rocket fire on Israeli civilian targets including; Ban Ki-moon -- secretary-general of the UN -- who called for "an immediate cessation of hostilities", Mustafa Barghouthi -- the former Palestinian information minister -- said: "This is not an attack on Hamas. It is an attack on the whole population and the free will of the people of Gaza", Mousa Abu Morzouz -- the deputy leader of Hamas -- "Nobody in this world can accept what happened and the Israeli aggression ... [we expect] the international community to stand against this and say that it is not acceptable." He accused Israel of committing "war crimes" and demanded that Abbas and his government stop all relations with Israel.
Al Aqsa TV station, suspected to be used by Hamas for propaganda purposes, said Israeli aircraft blasted targets all over the Strip, including mosques, hospitals, police stations, and the TV studio building itself forcing the station to remain on the air with a mobile unit which delayed the broadcasting of Palestinian children favorite
Assud the rabbit.
Hamas leader in Gaza, Ismail Haniya, called the assault Israel's "ugliest massacre" and argued that Israel had violated the truce by preventing vital supplies, namely more rockets, from entering the Strip for their daily celebratory "shelling of the Joooooooooos" ceremony. "Hamas did not fire very many rockets through the cease-fire. It's clear that the one who violated the cease-fire is the infidel Israelis!"
The ceasefire was negotiated last June, not directly but through an Egyptian mediator because neither recognized the other, but the two sides had very different reasons. Israel wanted the release of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit and is extremely wary of becoming embroiled in a military operation in Gaza with no clear exit strategy. Hamas needed the truce to consolidate its control over Gaza and time to rearm themselves. Both Israel and Hamas have their reasons for a return to open hostilities as well, Livni and her allies face a looming election against the more hawkish former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu while Hamas may be pushing for tactical gains, like doing away with a 600-meter no-man's land established by the Israeli military on the Palestinian side of the boundary fence so their rockets can find Israeli towns across the border more efficiently.

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A German politician suggested that the nation's poor should take jobs as rat catchers. And then he realized that if that happens, most of his politicians friends will be at risk.

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