Friday, December 31, 2010

My liberal friend makes me concede three times in one day... almost

The discussion picks up with my liberal friend making, yet another, swipe at the Supreme Court for stopping the Dim recounts in 2000:

: Yea, you would rather the Supreme Court rule that Dims continue to "recount votes" behind closed doors -- not statewide mind you, only in the 3 or four heavily Dim districts -- until they acquired enough to steal that election?

jc: So you agree that those 5 republiKan justices were correct in disenfranchising those democratic districts?

Here's an interesting article from an interesting site. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Me: I don't agree that any district was disenfranchised, other than every US district other than the 4 heavy Dim voting Florida districts, because everyone else's weren't as scrutinized.
Certainly Bush would have picked up as many votes had you recounted every chad in heavy Pub district... unless you're going to argue that the average Dim isn't smart enough to punch a ballot correctly, in which case I'd have to concede to you and you would have me!

Interesting site, wish they would concentrate more on the satire and less on celeb nipple slips though...

jc: Try this:

Who was governor of Florida when they decided not to count the absentee ballots be cause it would take to long? Jeb.... Jeb... Jeb..... Jeb something.

Me: I believe he excused himself from the entire process because of lame, baseless, accusations... just like that.

Your man lost, it's been 10 years, get over it.
Or maybe your just gearing yourself up for the upcoming loss in 2012!

jc: As an American it's hard to take when people are blatantly disenfranchised. And to think, had Gore won, we would not be in this situation. Oh well!

Me: What makes you think Gore wouldn't had invaded Iraq, this quote:

"Iraq's search for weapons of mass destruction has proven impossible to completely deter and we should assume that it will continue for as long as Saddam is in power. We know that he has stored secret supplies of biological and chemical weapons throughout his country."
~Al Gore Speech to San Francisco Commonwealth Club
September 23, 2002

or maybe it was this quote:

"Even if we give first priority to the destruction of terrorist networks, and even if we succeed, there are still governments that could bring us great harm. And there is a clear case that one of these governments in particular represents a virulent threat in a class by itself: Iraq. As far as I am concerned, a final reckoning with that government should be on the table."
~Al Gore: The New York Times
Gore, Championing Bush, Calls For a 'Final Reckoning' With Iraq
February 13, 2002

of course if you're going to argue that Gore is as balless as Clinton then, once again, I might have to concur and you would have gotten me TWICE in one day!

jc: !!!

I imagine that had Gore been president he would have let the intel reports drive his foreign policy rather than the reverse, as Bush did.

Me: Seems by those quotes Gore was basing his judgement on the same intel Bush was, namely, that collected under CLINTON!

Now, if you're going to argue: well everyone knows Clinton was so preoccupied with testing the affects vaginal fluids have on cigars and caving to the Pubs and that Gore wouldn't had trusted a thing done during the Clinton admin like Bush shouldn't have.
Well then my friend, I would have to concede to you a third time in a single day. A "threepeat" to end the year and what a fine year it was.

A happy new year to you, may you continue to force me to concede to your irrefutable logic, errrrrrrrrr, you did go with all three of those counter-arguments today did you not?

jc: Now you know that's not true! The president gets more than just the rumors available to ex-politicians, candidates and pundits. That is the #1 criticism agaisnt Bush and his disasrterous foreign policy.

And there was far to much made over a blow job in the Oval Office. Christ Almighty! The rKan Congress acted like a bunch of Puritanical hypocrits. Maybe the blow job would have been less anathema to those rKans if it occurred in a public restroom at an Airport (hee-hee-hee!!!!!)

But it wasn't the blow job that got him in trouble. It was that the Saint denied it and fell into the perjury trap.

No idea what you claim I conceded on. You know my position!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

NAAMP Demand Apology for Insensitive Comment

Breaking news:

The NAAMP (National Association for the Advancement of Mongrel People) have demanded an apology from the Democratic Party over President Obama's recent comment on The View.

More to come soon...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The President has Done Plenty!!!

"Now doncha make me get all angry black man on ya'll!" Obama screamed into a mic responding to criticism that he hasn't done anything over the Gulf oil spill. "Now I've done plenty, I took some great pictures on the coast, I threatened to take charge, I cracked the top 10 off the 15 Presidents that have played golf, I took on angry black Hecklers in Florida, I took on angry gay hecklers while fund raising for Barbara Boxer, I even took on the tea party hecklers who weren't there!"
"Now look... errrrr, here... uhhhm... ya'll" Obama continued trying to stay in ebonics mode. "I have put in many hours wagging my finger at BP, I told them to pay for a whole two miles of sand bars, I played some great golf while snubbing the Arlington services on Memorial Day, blamed Bush some more, I've denied help offered by Sweden, Mexico, Canada, South Korea, Britain, Croatia, France (who just wanted us to surrender to the gulf), Germany, Romania, the Netherlands, Norway and the United Nations. I've been busy... now excuse me, I have a round of golf to shoot."

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Obama Takes Responsibility... again

Louisiana - President Obama stepped up to a teleprompter today to take charge of the gulf oil spill. "I take responsibly, it is my job to make sure that everything is done to shut this down!" Obama read authoritatively.
"What exactly are you going to do" asked one reporter, taken aback Obama stammered "W-w-well... errrr, I'm going to let BP... continue to... ahhhh, come up with their own process of... uhhh it should be taken care of today with the... top kill plan."
"They tried that today, it didn't work", another reporter mentioned. Obama responded "R-r-really? Aaaalright, I'm taking responsibility... next month."
The teleprompter quickly flickered and Obama began reading "As far as I'm concerned, BP is responsible for this horrific disaster, and we will hold them fully accountable on behalf of the United States as well as the people and communities victimized by this tragedy. I've committed numerous ships to the region, Sean Penn hasn't needed rescued... yet, and there are tar booms that either soak stuff up or manually pick up these tar balls as they have been coming ashore"
Another reporter chimed in, "A statement from the US Coast Guard claimed that tar balls washing up near the Florida Keys were not linked to the BP Gulf Oil Spill".

The president just starred at his teleprompter.

"Where were all these ships a month and a half ago and what are you going to do about the Alaskan pipe line spill?" yet another reporter asked.
Obama came back to, knocked over the telepromter, "screw you FOX news guys, why can't you just worsip and adore me like CNN, MSNBC, NYT Times, Newswee..."
"We thought you were taking the blame now" asked one more reporter.
"IT'S BUSH'S FAULT!!!" Obama screamed hysterically, while reaching behind the podium."I INHERITED THIS MESS!!!" The President ranted as he pulled out a bag full of golf clubs and stormed out of the building.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Obama Takes Responsibility, So Long as There is No One to Blame

"Ultimately the buck stops here", Obama read from a teleprompter Thursday, interrupting his healthcare reform agenda to address duties he should have been performing as Command-in-Chief.
"The system worked, U.S. border-security officials were standing by and ready to interview the Christmas Day airline bomber... when he landed."
When asked if that would have been to late and who will be fired Obama went into a blame Bush tirade, knocked over the telepropmpter and headed for the Hawaiian golf course.