Sunday, June 13, 2010

The President has Done Plenty!!!

"Now doncha make me get all angry black man on ya'll!" Obama screamed into a mic responding to criticism that he hasn't done anything over the Gulf oil spill. "Now I've done plenty, I took some great pictures on the coast, I threatened to take charge, I cracked the top 10 off the 15 Presidents that have played golf, I took on angry black Hecklers in Florida, I took on angry gay hecklers while fund raising for Barbara Boxer, I even took on the tea party hecklers who weren't there!"
"Now look... errrrr, here... uhhhm... ya'll" Obama continued trying to stay in ebonics mode. "I have put in many hours wagging my finger at BP, I told them to pay for a whole two miles of sand bars, I played some great golf while snubbing the Arlington services on Memorial Day, blamed Bush some more, I've denied help offered by Sweden, Mexico, Canada, South Korea, Britain, Croatia, France (who just wanted us to surrender to the gulf), Germany, Romania, the Netherlands, Norway and the United Nations. I've been busy... now excuse me, I have a round of golf to shoot."

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