Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Artful Dodger

BAGHDAD, Iraq (Dec. 17-08) On Sunday, an Arab journalist overshadowed U.S. President George Bush's fourth and final visit to Iraq by launching both his shoes during a press conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. "It is the farewell kiss, you dog!" Muntazer al-Zaidi screamed as he launched his first which the US President ducked. "This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq." the Shiite party member hollered as the second shoe was blocked by the Prime Minister. "Iraq was so much better under Saddam" al-Zaidi muttered as U.S. and Iraqi security agents wrestled him to the ground, "we had 100% election rates, a socialized shock treatment plans, two for one eye gouging days, free beating for every family member!"
"All I can report is it is a size 10," Bush quipped as he tried to keep his composure and continue the signature of a landmark accord setting a three-year timetable for the withdrawal of US forces. "I wonder what he thinks would have happened to him if he would have thrown shoes at Saddam" Bush questioned. A meek reply could be faintly heard from down the hall, "my baaaaaaaaad."
The Iraqi journalist is being hailed as a hero in parts of the Arab world and liberal press. Colleagues of Muntazer al-Zaidi, who works for independent Iraqi television station Al-Baghdadia, mentioned he "detested America" and has been plotting such an attack for months if he ever got the chance. Shoes thrown at you are considered the ultimate insult in Arab culture, for some reason western media seem inclined to tell the world this as if it was a sign of respect somewhere in Europe or parts of the southern US.
"I don't like Bush, but I don't agree with this action -- it's not civilised," shopkeeper Hamza Mahdi said "Journalists should use pen and paper to make their point and not their shoes." One of his customers, disagreed; "Me, I support him. Everyone should support him. Don't you remember what the Americans did to us? Have you already forgotten?" Um Seif, replied obviously forgetting about the beheadings, rape rooms, and gassing of Kurdish villages under the former regime.
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The sister of the late John F. Kennedy, Jr. has had no experience with electoral politics but said she is "perfect for the job because the election of Barack Obama shows that qualifications are no longer necessary."

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