Thursday, March 01, 2012

127 Minutes... well, maybe 1/3

Just finished a very traumatizing event, DW's car wouldn't start up outside a Subway on the way home from picking the kids up from skool. As we waited for the tow truck to get the car and DW to come in the van we foolishly dug into the Subway sandwiches, 5 minutes later with our supplies half exhausted we were still bored. We decided if we got hungry again we wouldn't eat Subway because we already had that so started drawing lots to see who we would eat first. The kids didn't seem to not notice that I wasn't participating in the drawing... seems like my failure at parenting in that aspect was paying off for me. 20 minutes in we called DW, she said she was almost out the door. We discussed walking but the 1/2 mile trek on a clear sunny day didn't look appealing and we didn't have a leash for the dog. The child that lost the drawing, brought up the point that the dog wasn't included in the lot drawing but the rest of us simply attributed that to sour grapes from losing at this point. 30 minutes in, no tow truck, no DW. She called to say she was on her way... from home. We were wondering if we would get a movie deal having survived this ordeal. The soon to be eaten child pointed out another restaurant across the street but that was a long way to walk... and we were beginning to crave his flesh. 40 minutes in the tow truck arrives, the mechanic gets out, points out that the car is in drive. Slip it in park and starts the car up. We looked at each other glad to have survived... well, one child was glad to have survived, the other kids and I were kind of disappointed. We didn't bother to call DW as we would make it home before she managed to get into the other car.