Wednesday, February 08, 2012

A conversation with a commie friend

Well the NY Giants are "world champions" the 46th time in a row an American team has taken the title... I'm beginning to think the rest of the world doesn't have any football teams

It would shatter the AmeriKan psyche to discover that there really was a whole world out there. It's all part of the subliminal imperialism that gets pumped into you every day. World this world that and no one else but AmeriKa plays. In the words of Willie Loman, 'a pipe dream'.

 We're well aware that there is a another world out there as we pay $billions in foreign aid, $billions more for 109 military bases to keep you all from destroying each other, and still $billions more to bail out you're poor fiscal policies. If you were against all this you would be for RON PAUL but rest assured, every other candidate out there will continue to to protect you from each other and yourselves. Rest assured though, our politician have dragged us kicking and screaming down the same path you all took and it won't be long until we can no longer afford to parent you... it shall be interesting times.