Monday, October 24, 2011

Occupy Huffington!

Him: well since i got banned from huff i thought i would see how long until politico banns me.

ME: Just create another account and get back to harassing. How did you get yourself banned from Bluffington?

Him: they didn't like my screen name. it was shutyourpiehole but the main reason they gave me was that i had been flagged too many times. i didn't swear and generally tried to spell right. they would flag me because they didn't like what i said. it was the beginning of the bluntness and not worrying about offending anyone. from one post i got over 1000 flags for abuse or whatever they called it. so i posted that i was getting flagged just for a conservative point of view and that dems that do this are just hypocrites. they deemed it that i was name calling. i got a new account there but only posted once to test it out. they also banned my email address. too funny right

Me: You should just keep creating accounts using disposable email addies, don't even be creative about it; shutyourpiehole1, shutyourpiehole2, shutyourpiehole3... see how high up you can get. That would be hilarious.

Him: that's funny. im almost tempted to

Me: It would be better to get a whole group of people, all creating multiple shutyourpiehole## IDs and posting non-liberal opinions, getting banned, re-registering and posting more. We could call it...


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