Saturday, November 15, 2008

A lesson for Washington

Another excpert frommy on going conversation with a commie/socialist/liberal/Marxist/NAZI/Progressive/Stalinist/Green Party friend of mine. His response in red:
My little "KKKapitalist" loins are starting to blossom, I found out that the kids have been making money from their mates! They found some cheap candy left over from Halloween for $2 a bag and have been selling them for various prices at "skool".
Time for them to pay rent. Show them the importance of investing in real estate. The teacher isn't just standing over them for a cut of the action? Tell the boys to negotiate a deal that they get a 'green light' to continue their business.
Am I hearing you right? Basically in your little analogy the teacher is acting as the government, making a way for itself with threatening to oversee the operation which can be easily gotten around with a pay-off?
Hmmmm, sounds a lot like the housing crisis.
Let's go one more step with this, let's say the teacher requires the boys to sell candy to other kids that can't afford it. Now when the candy market collapses in the classroom who is responsible? Is more teacher oversight the solution?

surely you're not expecting a reply to that?
You'll be happy to know Angelo has experimented with your silly socialist system though. It seems no one had brought money to buy his candy today at skool so the little fool started...
excuse me, had to gag for a moment.
So, like I was saying, the little fool began to...
Oh, that sickening feeling returned.
So, the little jackass decided it would be sound policy to... g-g-give the candy away for...
for free!!!
He was very disappointed when he came home broke, wanted ME to buy him another bag of candy (little bastard was looking for a bailout!!!) instead of use his own money to replace his foolish business policy!
Lessons are such a hard bitch to learn, I think I need to retell this story to the Ivy league educated simpletons in Washington to learn a thing or two... of course YOU don't seem to pick anything up from it, I doubt them commies would either.
So, basically, you're punishing your child for being a good Christian and giving to the poor. You should be ashamed of yourself. So much for Christian values in the Stanziano household.
I'm gonna send an Exorcist over.
Wonder what Max Von Sydow is doing these days.
Subsidizing dumb ass decisions only encourages more dumb ass decisions; hmmm, there is a lesson to be learned there somewhere for Washington. I need to post the discussion on my blog to share with the rest of humanity!

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