Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Debate of tonight's debate:

me: Told you those polls would be tying up closer to the elections.
What has Obumbler done to lose traction - surprisingly, nothing.
What has Rombo done to gain traction since last week - nothing.

Lib: But I'd rather be with the +'s than what you have.

me: Obama is going to have to defend his pathetic 3.5 year policy tonight... enjoy those "+'s" while they last.

Lib: 5 million private sector jobs created; untold how many jobs were saved in both private and public sectors; 30 consecutive months of jobs increases. Who knows what could have been if Congress passed his job bills. Your only b**** is that not enough was done to bail us out of the Great Recession. Well the recession didn't fall out of the sky. Bush and the other rKKKans worked eight long and painful years for it.

But the challenger usually scores well in the first debate against the incumbent. Not that it means anything. McCain kicked BO's ass in the debates, but not in polling booths. Repeat! Repeat!! Repeat!!!

me: Do the jobs he created for Rombo and Ryan count towards the supposed 5 million?

Lib: Those were the jobs he created DESPITE republiKKKan obstruction. They all should be tried for treason.

me: Notice how Obumbler can't even look Rombo in the eye when they respond back and forth?
Mitt is kicking the sh!t out of him, I've never seen a debate so one-sided!

Stick a fork in him, America will be dining on the rare blue-lipped, Pakistani Pecker Pleaser for Thanksgiving this year!

Lib: I don't have a tv so can't comment on the facial expressions. Did Romney paint his face again or was he going after the white male vote? I was focused on the content and Romney lost on the Obamacare and on the economy. Bo's second term is assured.

me: Rombo painted face alright... a steady bukkake stream all over PPP with every response!

I didn't get to hear the closing arguments but the way the debate went it would had been appropriate for Rombo to comment on the Kenyan's "perty purble lips" and hearing Obumbler squeal like a little piggy!

Ohhhh, look at this description I've already found BY JOEL B. POLLAK:

Halfway through, they should have stopped the fight. Gov. Mitt Romney eviscerated a staggering and bewildered President Barack Obama tonight in one of the most lopsided presidential debates in American history. Throughout the debate, which focused on domestic policy, Obama looked shaken, rarely looking at the camera, reciting old talking points and filibustering as Romney gave a master class at the University of Denver.

It will be interesting to see how the lib media try to spin this beat'n in the morning!
PPP should just drop out of the next two debates wagging the dog in Turkey or something...

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