Saturday, January 03, 2009

Israel Aggresses Humanitarian Boat in International Waters

MIDDLE EAST (Jan. 02-09) Former Georgia Congresswoman and Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney's latest attention getting, cheap, political stunt was derailed last Tuesday when the yacht she was on board rammed into an Israeli gunboat. Paul Larudee, a co-founder of the California-based Free Gaza group said the organization was determined to continue the relief missions, the sixth such trip to Gaza and the first to be interrupted. "We're going to get it repaired," Larudee said of the Dignity, the cabin cruiser sustained damage to the bridge, engine room, and hull, "and we're going to continue our missions of pure propaganda. We have liberal journalists, a crazy Leftest Congresscritter, and all kinds of other nutjobs who are coming basically to provoke Israel and provide relief for Hamas!"
Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said the boat ignored a radio order to turn back, Israel has declared areas around the Gaza Strip a "closed military zone" after it launched an aerial offensive in the coastal territory on Hamas targets on Saturday, the boat tried to outmaneuver the navy ship and crashed into it, lightly damaging both vessels. The blockade-running attempt to carry medical supplies to Hamas was then ordered to turn around and return back to Cypress. The activists claimed they did not have enough fuel to return so the Navy allowed the vessel to sail to the Lebanese seaport of Tyre.
Defense Ministry spokesman Shlomo Dror said "The time has come to put a stop to these morons who are sending a 66-foot yacht into a war zone and are not bringing any significant amount of humanitarian supplies." He pointed out that the Gaza crossings are still open, despite the ongoing rocket and mortar attacks on Israel, more than 120 trucks entered Sunday and Monday, for hundreds of tons of aid, and 100 more are expected to reach the area Tuesday. "If McKinney must deliver supplies to an organization on the US State Department's terrorist list she can just use one of her limos!"
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