Tuesday, May 01, 2007

True Life

Went to the local friendly IRS office this morning  I walk up to the 4th desk where a sign says to come for assistance. The guys sitting at the first and third desks let me stand there for a couple of minutes before the guy at the third moves over, literally, two feet to help me. I explain I'm there to get help filling out the "injured spouse" form so I can get my return back. He claims I need a waiting number, goes in the back to fetch one taking a few more minutes. I get it, true to a Monty Python sketch, my number is ringed to be helped before I even get the opportunity to make a firm ass print in the waiting chair. By then the guy in the third desk is back to his original spot. Looks up like he never seen me before and wants me to explain the problem all over again... it goes down from there.

"We're not here to fill forms out for you, we're here to answer questions!" the guy claims. I put the paper work in front of him, "what do I put in line three?" And the process is repeated all the way down the form.

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